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Welcome to Art at the Airport

Community Showcase of the Arts in the California Central Valley

Art at the Airport is designed to welcome travelers by providing a unique opportunity to view works created by our Central Valley artists.

We are proud of our community and we celebrate our rich cultural diversity and the many artists who call this region home.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition created in partnership with the Central California Conservatory of Visual & Performing Arts.

Fall Exhibit
September – December 2018

Meet the Artists

Monique Wales

Jessica Keller

Shannon Bickford

Jim Curnyn

Summer Exhibit
May – August 2018

Meet the Artists

Marcos Dorado

“The crux to realism is being able to draw coming to understand how you see.”

Marcos Dorado is a realist, focusing on portrait and figure drawing. He exhibits in Fresno, Los Angeles and New York City. His current project will show in 2019, at Arte Américas (Fresno CA) and will be published into a book by Split Oak Press of New York.

Dixie Salazar

“If it’s not in your life, it won’t come out your horn.”   Charlie Parker

Dixie Salazar is a Central Valley award-winning artist who has been working in oils, watercolors, collage, assemblage, and hand-colored photography for the past forty years. Her work has been shown in the Central Valley, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and more.

Marquita Rochelle

“Life is for the living so live, love, and create.”

Marquita Rochelle graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Art. She was born here in Fresno, CA where she now teachers Art and Science at Carter G. Woodson Public Charter School.

Eddie Zamora

“Fine art and photojournalism are both perfect devices allowing me to communicate with those who share my mission.”

Born in Guadalajara, adopted by parents from California, Eddie grew up in the urban setting of East L.A. then in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills. Eddie’s work celebrates humanity and compassion.

Karolynn & Alisynn Mata

“Optimistically painting myself a better world”

Karolynn started drawing 3 years ago to cope with the death of her mother. Through art she’s found a positive outlet which brings contentment.

“I love bright, bold colors, because they make me happy”

Alisynn, a native Fresnan, paints abstract portraits while highlighting her Native American ancestry.

Nicole Jimenez

“Art should be a pure, unfiltered picture of who the artist is at his core.”

Nicole is a self-taught artist who has participated in many exhibits across the Central Valley.

Currently, her work is heavily influenced by her Mestizo heritage and Mexican culture.

Saul Villegas

“There is no greater harm than that of time wasted.”

Saul attended College of the Sequoias in Visalia and is studying to receive his degree in both art and graphic design.

He was accepted into the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) where he studied painting in 2014-15.

Amy Morgan

“For a clay artist who deals with a supremely  heavy, messy medium, silk painting seems to be a decadent distraction, full of light and froth.”

Growing up in the Midwest where art was part of the school curriculum. Amy found fascination being creative. She has a Masters of Fine Arts from San Diego State and has taught high school and college levels.

Jes Therkelsen

The 100 Strangers Project asks aspiring photojournalist students at Fresno State to take 100 photographs of 100 complete strangers over the course of the semester. Meant to improve both the social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of strangers, the method is to learn by doing.

This project has been implemented multiple times by students in Professor Jes Therkelsen’s photojournalism class at California State University, Fresno. To date, over 10,000 portraits taken.

View the Galleries

First Floor

Gateway Gallery (Gate 10)

• Dixie Salazar (virtual tour)

• Marcos Dorado (virtual tour)

• Eddie Zamora (virtual tour)

Wings Gallery (Gate 9A)

• Karolynn & Alisynn Mata (virtual tour)

• Marquita Rochelle (virtual tour)

• Amy Morgan (virtual tour)

• Saul Villegas (virtual tour)

Second Floor

Sky Galleries

• Jes Therkelsen’s Journalism Students (photo wall)

• Dixie Salazar (watercolors, restaurant wall)

Valley Artists: Please CLICK HERE to submit art for consideration for future shows.

Questions? Contact Art at the Airport Curator Marc Blake.